Company Overview

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In compliance with legal requirements and current Brazilian corporate legislation, Lojas Americanas S.A. is hereby presenting its Management Report containing the Parent Company and Consolidated financial and operating results for the fiscal year ending December 31st 2013.

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Message from Management

In 2013, our multichannel strategy made major gains. The performance of our main operating indicators continued in line with the evolution observed in recent years, combining growth and profitability. In the consolidated view, gross revenue reached R$ 15.5 billion in 2013. In the same period, net revenue totaled R$ 13.4 billion, representing a growth of 18.2%.

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To support the expansion plan and continuously improve the results, Lojas Americanas intensified training, qualification and integration programs focusing on the hiring and developing of talented young people. Through these programs, we invest in the professional development of our associates, which are based on a system of meritocracy and commitment with a long term view. In the end of 2013, the Parent Company had 18,775 associates.

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Strategy and Investment

In 2013, Lojas Americanas’ consolidated net revenue reached R$ 13.401 billion, a growth of 18.2% over the previous year. Of this total, R$ 7.716 billion referred to the performance of the Parent Company (brick-and-mortar stores), which sold 12.6% more than in 2012.

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Financial Highlights

  • Consolidated Gross Revenue
  • EBITDA and EBITDA Margin
  • Consolidated Net Profit